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Adobe Captivate and Canvas Mobile

Question asked by TILT-WebsterD Developer on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by Ståle Heggset

I have some narrated lectures that were created in Abode Captivate. They have clickable tables of contents, but no interactivity beyond that, so no reporting options were used when they were created. I published them all as HTML5, then uploaded the .zip files to Canvas, had Canvas expand them, and then linked to the index.html files on a content page. On my computer they work fine, but if I try to use the Canvas mobile app on iOS, they don't load. I emailed Canvas support about this and they said the app doesn't support SCORM. But since there weren't any reporting options selected, they shouldn't use SCORM, right?


I don't know a ton about Captivate, so I'm hoping someone here knows better than I do.


I found one workaround where I can publish the lectures with reporting enabled and then uploading them as SCORM assignments. They work fine on the app this way (which is confusing given Canvas support saying the app doesn't support SCORM, but not all that important), but it's way too clunky to actually deploy in a course this way. We don't want students seeing assignments that are actually lectures and getting confused.