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Why can't an assignment be set to 'not graded' via the API?

Question asked by Dmitry Savransky on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by Dmitry Savransky

The API docs ( don't list 'not_graded' as a possible option for assignment[grading_type] even though this is an allowable option via the web interface.  I tried creating/modifying an assignment with this grading type via the Create/Edit API methods, and even though the returned Assignment object reports the correct grading type, it is still listed as the default Percentage grading type on the course site, and still appears in the gradebook until I manually edit the assignment to be not graded via the web interface.  


So: any workarounds for this? Thanks.


PS: Yes, I do have a specific use case for having not graded assignments in my course and would like to algorithmically generate these without any manual intervention.