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Are weighted assignment subgroups possible?

Question asked by Ben Diefenbach on Sep 30, 2019

Is it possible to easily modify or expand the base code of Canvas to allow us to create assignment subgroups that we can then apply weighted grading to? Currently the Canvas grading tools only allow for one level of weighting, but our courses are set up with a more complex weighting system that breaks down scores from assignments/activities in at least three levels.


A simplified example structure for our course grading scheme looks something like this:

  • Theory (60%)
    • Tests (60%)
    • Class Work (40%)
  • Clinical (40%)
    • Final Paper Exam (20%)
    • Clinical Practical Exam (30%)
    • Research Presentations (25%)
    • CET (25%)
      • Process (25%)
      • Research (25%)
      • Critical Thinking (25%)
      • Communication (25%)



While we can just multiply out the weights from each level to get the final weights, it gives us a bit more of a headache and also ruins our ability to automatically see nice averages for each subgroup as a whole in the grade book.


Edit: My understanding of the Canvas API is that it exists for reading and analyzing data stored in Canvas and not for updating functionality of Canvas itself. (At least aside from programatically simple tasks like batch duplicating courses or the like.) If this is correct, then I don't want to waste too much time researching further into the API to see if I can write an extension that does the above.