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Gradebook questions

Question asked by KL Zimmerman on Oct 2, 2019

I am stumped and could use some help. I am required to pass four parts of Canvas Training with 90%.

I missed that threshold with these two questions on Quiz 4. What am I missing? I  have reviewed numerous videos and cannot find the answers. Any assistance would be appreciated.


#1   SpeedGrader can be accessed from multiple areas in the course. Match the following areas to their appropriate access methods. (ONLY one is correct; and I do not know which one.)
Discussions - Assignment Menu
Assignments - Sidebar Area
Quizzes - Assignment Menu
Grades - Sidebar Area
In Grades, you can arrange your gradebook by several options. Which of the following is/are not an option? (NO credit was given.)
Arrange columns by points
Arrange columns by column names
Arrange columns by due date
Arrange columns by assignment groups
Arrange columns by first name