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Teacher Comments Not Visible to Students in Assignment Information

Question asked by Don Van Ness on Oct 2, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by Bobby Pedersen

In my courses I have my notifications set to send me an email when a student submits a comment in an assignment. The email contains a link to the "Submission Details" page for that student's assignment submission and comment. When I reply via the comments field on the "Submission Details" page, the students cannot see my comment. However, if I go to the grade book and select the specific assignment submitted by that student and use "Speed Grader" to comment, then they can see my comments. 

Is there any way that Canvas could make the link in the email notification connect to the "Speed Grader" page instead of the "Submission Details" page?

The current issue makes the link useless for commenting and adds several extra steps. 


Teacher View with one post from the Assignment Information page and another form the Speed Grader.

Student View shows only the comment made in Speed Grader.