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What is the best way to differentiate assignments in Canvas?

Discussion created by Kaeli Madsen on Oct 2, 2019
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I know that Canvas has Mastery Paths, but what if I have a group of students on IEPs, for example, to whom I know I just need to give a simplified or shorter version of an assignment, or include simplified instructions etc...?


I don't necessarily need to give them an assessment to determine what accommodations they need. Those are already included in the IEP and I'm required to provide them. 


So far in Canvas, this has been a nightmare to figure out.  

I can create 3 versions of the assignment, and make three Canvas assignments, but then I have to go in to the assignment and manually type in each student I want to assign it to for each of the three assignments. Is there anyway to create group lists in Canvas so I can just select the whole group of students at once like "Group A" and catch all my IEP kids that need the specific accommodations written in to that assignment? 


I know I can create groups, but then they have to collaborate on the assignment. Is there a way to make a named list (kind of like the sections) and assign an assignment only to that list?

I thought about creating a new section, but then it won't sync to my SIS.


Does anyone have a solution or workaround?


How are you assigning differentiated assignments on Canvas?