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Automatically see nothing before the quiz is due, then everything after

Question asked by Martin Van der Linden on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Sharmaine Regisford

What I want to do is (almost) exactly what Leonid Shnayder describes in a comment to this Idea Make "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses" Setting Do What It Says (or Say What It Does) :


I think it is natural for most instructors to prevent the students from seeing their quiz results while the quiz is still open for other students, and then release all results (both the student's answers and the correct answers) after the quiz closes. However I do not see a way to achieve this in Canvas, except by manually revising the settings for each quiz to release the results after the quiz closes.


The current set of choices in Canvas for the quiz results does not make much sense for me. Why would anyone want to let the student see their answers - some of the marked  "incorrect" - while the quiz is still open for other students in the class, but not to see the correct answers? I think one can either prefer to release the full report right away or to hide everything until the quiz closing date.


The way I set the quizzes in most of my courses is that each quiz is open for a whole week - so one student can take it on Monday, another student on Wednesday etc. So giving the first student partial results (his answers with notes "incorrect" where applicable) allows him to provide useful hints to the friends who will take the same quiz later in the week.


And I would also make one minute after the quiz closing date the default option for when the results become visible to the students - this way we would not have to manually enter an extra date for each quiz.


Someone answered it is possible to use "muted" quizzes to do something like this. But as far as I understand, there is not way to automatically unmute the assignment after the due date. 


My issue is with many classes to manage, I often forget to make quiz content visible after they are due, which delays students' ability to work on their errors.


First question: Is there any way other than mutate to automatically 1) show nothing to students until the quiz is due and 2) show everything (including correct answers) after the quiz is due?


Second Question: In fact, ideally, I would like students to automatically see nothing but their grade  until the quiz is due and 2) show everything (including correct answers) after the quiz is due?