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How do I make a group discussion private?

Question asked by James Crooks on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by James Crooks

I have four people in my class who have the role "supplemental instruction leaders" assigned to them by my campus Canvas administrators. They are not students. They are in-class tutors, and I refer to them as "instructional aides." I would like to have a discussion forum just for them and me so that we can speak freely about how the course is going without the students being able to see, read, or be aware of the existence of the forum. I created a group set and called it "Instructional Aides." I created a group within that set and called it "Instructional Aides." There are no other groups or group sets. I created an ungraded discussion and called it "Instructional Aide Forum." I replied to that forum with a question to the aides about how best to structure an upcoming class session.


Here are the problems I am having: all students say they can see the discussion. The aides cannot see the reply I made that asks about a specific class.


What am I doing wrong?