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Crosslisting late...without losing assignments and grades?

Question asked by Evan Peterson on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by Evan Peterson

Here's the scenario:

Instructor wants the lab sections crosslisted into a lecture section, and have all the assignments and grades there. 

The problem is that it wasn't crosslisted from the start, and 1 TA had students submit to assignments to the lab section and graded them.  Now, my question is...


Is it possible to crosslist lab sections (that had grades and assignments submitted) into the lecture section without losing the grades and submissions?


Grades can be exported, and manually imported in. (no problem)

Student submissions can be downloaded manually from the lab section, but cannot be uploaded into lecture section assignments once crosslisted.  This is the problem. 


Is there any way,  to reunite those two (the assignment files into an assignment with grades) from the lab into a different course, in this case the lecture course.