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Course Level and Account Level Outcomes

Question asked by Chanda Deaton on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by Chanda Deaton

I'm not sure if I can explain this well or if I'm using the correct terminology.  I just want to see if this would work because it would save our faculty a great deal of time.


A set of outcomes are imported at the account level (via a CSV file).  The same outcomes are imported at the course level (with identical outcome IDs/vendor_guid and titles).   The idea is to create customized CSV files for each department that include a specific set of General Education outcomes. 


Would course level outcomes be tied to account level outcomes in regard to reports since they have the same IDs and titles? Are they linked as far reporting?   Or are they treated as separate sets of outcomes because one is account level, one is course level. Ultimately, we need to run reports at the account level.



We are looking for a more efficient way to import multiple outcomes into a course.  The General Education courses do not need to pull in all General Education outcomes into their course, only those identified for that course.  In the end, we have 14 combinations of outcomes, which I was hoping to provide in a CSV file for faculty to import into their course.  Having to "Find" and add a large number of outcomes (one at a time) is not ideal.  Hence, my hope to import a CSV file already built for them.


Any ideas or recommendations on creating a more efficient way to add large numbers of outcomes to a course?  Thank you.