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Using Pen with iPad

Question asked by Christopher Kelley on Oct 12, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by Christopher Kelley

I had my students answer their midterm exam questions on Canvas through the Quiz function.  Rather than write their exam on a separate document and upload their responses, they wrote it on the Canvas site.  When I go to grade them on my iPad using my Apple pen to make comments, there is no function to let me do this. Further, I cannot download their answers as there is no download link.  I have had to copy and paste 50 individual responses to Word documents and save them that way, then grade them in the Word file.  Am I missing something? This seems incredibly convoluted.  I have used both Speedgrader and Canvas Teacher, and neither has a pen function, although there is a YouTube video from 2015 where the person is using Canvas Teacher, and it has an edit bar where you can use a pen--mine does have this function--so does anyone know if it was removed or is there a setting that I have overlooked?