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Feature Ideas, why is this a thing?

Discussion created by Joressia Beyer on Oct 14, 2019
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What is the intent behind submitting feature ideas and how did this get to be a thing? 


The reason I ask this question is for few reasons

  1. If the feature idea is such a great idea, then why is it so hard to find one to vote one.
  2. Feature ideas are like posting a video of my cat in YouTube and hoping it goes viral.  I feel that the chances are about the same.
  3. I teach biology and environmental science.  I actually have a very hard time writing a proper feature request because I don’t have the technical background to do so.  
  4. It absolves Canvas of poor design if I have to submit a feature idea every time something doesn’t work as intended.  The tech person can just say, “It was designed to function that way, you will have to submit a feature idea.”  
  5. If my feature idea goes viral then Canvas doesn’t implement it. The dreaded, “This idea will not influence this developmental cycle”.