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Why is the total Missing and Late Count Wrong in New Gradebook?

Question asked by Katie B on Oct 12, 2019

I'm using the new gradebook in sort of crazy ways because I teach a Writing Class and we're using a grading contract. In short, all assignments are credit no credit, and I'm relying heavily on the late and missing labels. However, I just realized the late and missing labels are SOMETIMES WRONG. For example, have a student who, if I count up right now, has 7 missing, 2 late. This is visible in the gradebook, they are the colors I have the labels marked and everything. This is true from many of the lates, they aren't showing, especially for some particular assignments towards the end of the assignment list. 


When I click on the students name, it says he has 7 missing and 0 late.  I've been clicking on names all semester, using this to inform students of their grades? Why is this happening? Is it a bug?