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Set grades depending on more than percentage

Question asked by Oscar Danielsson on Oct 11, 2019


We have a set of 3 quizzes that each can score up to 12 points for a total of 36 points. We want to have the following grading rules:

To get a "G" (Pass) you need to:

  1. Score at least 6 points on quiz 1
  2. Score at least 6 points on quiz 2
  3. Score at least 6 points on quiz 3

To get a "VG" (Pass with distinction) you need to:

  1. Fulfill the criteria for G
  2. Have a total score of 27 points or more (75 % of the total sum)


We have not been able to set this up in Canvas as can be seen here:

In this example the student has passed quiz 1 and 2 but got 0 points on quiz 3. This means that the student should not pass. But the total points is more than half of the total points, and thus the system gives the student a pass (G). Is there any way to automatically set this up? If not, is there any way to circumvent this?


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