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Linking Learning Outcome Rubric Criterion to Learning Outcome Result

Question asked by Luke Dellar on Oct 14, 2019

Hello all


I'm trying to setup a relationship between the learning_outcome_rubric_criterion and the learning_outcome_result facts and dims in Canvas Data and i wondered if anybody else knows how to reliably?


The result has an amount of points in the fact table from the rubric criterion but if that points amount is the same for both options i.e both options are 1 point then you cannot tell which rubric criterion description is attached to the result in the data, you can only tell they have achieved the 1 point required, you could have an example of a rubric like the example below:



In the data if you try to setup a link between both and then list the learning outcome results it seems to show both options because both could be true as both point values are 1.


This seems like an oversight, as i think the description of the rubric criterion should also be shown in the result fact table aswell as the points but i just wondered if anybody else found that to be a problem or has a better solution.