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Ability to pull submission report for a certain time frame?

Question asked by Rachel Berthiaume on Oct 14, 2019

Hello Canvas Friends!

I've been asked to pull submission reports across three courses (one of them has been ended) for a specific timeframe. The courses/assignments are unusual, though, as they stay open for three years (the length of the program), with their 'due dates' being set and re-set for the final day of each year, until the end of the program. The evaluation person would like to have a report for all the submissions done for each student in those three courses for the year Sept 1, 2018 through Aug. 31st 2019. I've already shifted the due dates for all of the assignments to being Aug. 31st 2020. So far, I've pulled status reports through exports of the Grades page, but these are all cumulative with previous years and I can't find how to just pull those done within the year.

Thank you for your help!