Nancy Edwards

Using Prerequisites when not necessary to Unlock Modules

Discussion created by Nancy Edwards on Oct 15, 2019

There is documentation about the use of prerequisites in Modules in order to prevent accessing another Module until specified  assignments/activities are completed.  However, I found that using prerequisites are very useful for students even when not needed to unlock any Module.  Since it will check off each item/activity as they are completed, it gives students a useful display of what they have done and still need to do.  It also puts each item on the "To-Do" list.  Basically, just don't make them requirements to unlock any Module and it works well.  You can also see the progress made by any student.


I use it to make sure that students have viewed all documents/videos within the Module as well as assignments to be submitted.  I have gotten extremely positive feedback from my students who appreciate the reminders of what they need to do and what they have already done.

As an illustration, I have added a video attachment that I made for my students in one course that explained this.