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Discussion created by Brenda Madden on Oct 14, 2019


I am a Programme Administrator for the BA in Early Childhood Studies Programme, our whole programme submits coursework online, we have just moved to Canvas this year and I am able to access the Grades section but I would like to know: 

(1) how do students upload their assignments?

(2) how to Tutors add marks to the Gradebook?  How then does another Tutor go in and cross mark certain assignments and change the grade or agree it?

(3) I have students spread over three campuses (all registered on the same module) and I would like a way to differentiate them on the Grade page - is the notes column the only way of doing this?  and

(4) I would like to know how I can copy and paste the grades so that I can add them to my Marksheets for Exam Boards - I see a dropdown 'Import/Export' but I dont want to download all the Tutor feedback I just want to capture the marks in an organised way.  

(5) On the Grade page our Students are showing in alphabetical order but it has them by Firstname/Surname order, is there an easy way to reorder the list by Surname/Firstname? 

(6) Is there a way of amending the Grade Page so it just shows the one assignment? 

(7) Is there a way of turning off the adding up of different assignments - what if we just want a 100% assignment?