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Setting the landing/frontpage

Question asked by Mari-Cruz Garcia on Oct 16, 2019
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I am just starting with Canvas so sorry if what I ask is very basic, but I have followed instructions in the manual, not working and it is driving me mad:


I want that the frontpage/landing page of my course is a page in which I will create a index/visual navigation index to all the modules that comprise the course in order to avoid the (in)famous 'scroll of death'. I have set up the homepage in question but, when I go to the course, both as an instructor and using the student view, I am still re-directed to the 'Home' and see the 'Getting started wtih the course' module, rather than the page.


I tried moving 'Pages' over the 'Home' tab but it doesn't make any difference. I have tried to disable the 'Home' tab but I don't think that you can.


Any ideas of why I cannot see the landing page displayed in the central section of the course?
Many thanks.

Mari Cruz