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Learning Mastery - Analyze by Outcome Group

Question asked by Dr. Ann Esarco on Sep 8, 2015
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Our courses are set up to use Outcome Groups and Outcomes to analyze our student's learning progress. Our Outcome Groups are "Critical Thinking" and "Effective Communication." Under each Outcome Group, we have Outcomes. For example under "Critical Thinking," we have articulation, bank reconciliation, and journal entry. I know I can look at the Grades/Learning Mastery and see the results in each of the outcomes articulation, then bank reconciliation, then journal entry. But, what I want to do, is I want to see one analytic on the Outcome Group of "Critical Thinking." Therefore, I want one result for the three outcomes within the outcome group of Critical Thinking.


I have looked around and I can't see how to do this, without exporting and a ton of work. We want to do this for all faculty.


Any ideas?