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Extra Credit in weighted sections

Question asked by Yuting Lin on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by James Jones

How can I cap each weighted section in the grading so that the max of each section won't exceed 100%? 


I assigned extra credit to different sections, but when the "final" grade is calculated, the percentage (for different sections) exceeds 100% and that is misleading when students are checking for their progresses (attached is an example).


Currently I had to take out all the extra credit points (and planning to manually enter/adjust them at the end of the semester) to avoid any misleading information....but students are still not getting a realistic grade for their progresses because it doesn't take into account their extra credit.


I read a thread about the same problem (Cap Assignment Group Total at 100%), but it was considered "answered" because there wasn't a solution. Just want to see if there is any updates since then.