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Instructions for Instructors with Student Grades of Incomplete

Discussion created by Carol Seufert on Sep 9, 2015
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Original Topic Title: Do you have instructions for Instructors who have students with a grade of incomplete?


We have recently started creating new sections in courses for students who have received a grade of incomplete, allowing them to access the course space when the other students can no longer access the space.

This creates a problem for some instructors who have to have assignments and quizzes which students in the new section still need to access.  We have created the instructions below:



For each assignment that the students still need to submit grades for, you will need to do the following:


  1. Go to Assignments in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click on the name of the assignment the students need to access
  3. At the top right of the assignment screen, click on the EDIT button
  4. Scroll to the bottom until you see the "Assign" box.
  5. In the first item, the Assign to area, Click on the X next to Everyone to delete it.




  1. A drop down menu should then automatically appear.  Select the Incomplete section from the menu.




  1. Next, eliminate or change the UNTIL date.

You can also change the due date if you want.  If you don’t change the due date, they can still submit, but SpeedGrader will note that they have submitted it late.

  1. Click on the blue SAVE button.


You will need to do this for every assignment you need them to continue to have access to.



Has anyone else created specific instructions such as this for instructors who must extend quizzes and/or assignments?


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