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Sub-account-wide announcements to specific roles

Question asked by Fran Harrison on Oct 21, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Nick Wilson

Hi all, relative newbie to Canvas here, after several years using other VLEs in various roles. 


I'm looking to replicate something I used a lot in Moodle: an announcements panel that can be locked onto everyone's dashboard so that on login they see the latest announcements that are relevant to them. I need this as opposed to the course announcements, as I need to communicate to all course learners across a subaccount.


I've seen the sub-account global announcements in Canvas Admin, but wondered if people were already doing this in other ways, and if so, how you're handling it? If you're using the global announcements, how do you find it / do you have any tips?


My aspiration is to have the announcements visible (e.g. latest 3 messages, or similar) when people log in, rather than relying on them not having deactivated their notifications for emailed-out announcements, or going in to actually view announcements.