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Sorting Students by Group in SpeedGrader

Question asked by Markus Biehl on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by Markus Biehl

Hi, I have a group assignment that's graded on a group basis. In addition, student groups will present the assignment and need to be graded individually on their presentation skills. I have set up the presentation as a separate assignment, selected "This is a Group Assignment" but also checked that students are graded individually. So far, so good.


During the presentation I need to be able to find the students very quickly within Speedgrader. That's my issue. SpeedGrader offers the choice of sorting students by name, by the date the assignment was submitted (in my case they are not submitting one), or by submission status. All useful, except in this case. I've also tried to first sort students in the GradeBook according to Assignment Group. That has apparently no effect on sequencing them in SpeedGrader. 


Is there something I'm missing or setting up wrong? Or would it be possible to add to the option of sorting students the ability to sort at two levels - first by group, then by one of the other option, or perhaps add the option "as sorted in GradeBook"?