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How to incorporate large amounts of Supplemental Content/Reference Materials?

Discussion created by Tori R on Oct 24, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by Jennifer Griffith

How do you visually design courses that incorporate supplemental content or resources in your courses?


We have several robust compilations of instructor-created supplemental materials (Internally dubbed "Libraries") that go along with a course, but don't necessarily correspond to any specific module or lesson. They include videos, PDFs, downloadable Word document templates and html content pages. In total there are probably around 500 pieces of content within these "libraries" and none are available publicly on the internet so they live in the LMS and don't link out.


In the past we had them as separate LMS courses where you gained enrollment into both LMS courses by virtue of enrolling into the single course (i.e. HPM 101 registration gets you access to HPM 101 Course and the HPM 101 Reference Library). 


We are changing this so that students only have a single LMS enrollment and we would love to know how others incorporate supplemental materials into their courses without making the module content too long or confusing students.We're fully online and the course is self-paced, so we are aiming for the experience to be as intuitive as possible for students. We would also like to keep the content in the LMS so we can get the metrics on which items are most accessed.


I will note that our use of "Library" to describe this collection of content is probably not the best, since when I search for "content libraries" I tend to get traditional library resources with discussion around involving your librarian in your course, which is not what we're trying to do. So I'm hoping that posting here will give us some ideas of how others do it and maybe a better word for these collections of content.