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Canvas QTI Samples

Question asked by Miles Lincoln on Oct 24, 2019

I'm working with an instructor who has a large number of quiz bank questions in non-QTI format that they would like to import to Canvas. They're prepared to dedicate the time to properly format the questions, but I'm trying to point them in the right direction, and have some questions:


I found sample files for QTI 2.2 here on the IMS global site, but they don't appear to all be supported by Canvas in that form.

For example, the fill in the blank questions don't work at all in classic quizzes:


And render as essay questions in New Quizzes:

(Note that the hint is not displaying correctly)


Does anyone have an exemplar QTI file (ideally containing all the question types supported by Canvas) they could share that I could use as a model?