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Concluded course + ePortfolio + Merging Users

Question asked by Tay Pei Chin on Oct 24, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2019 by Stuart Ryan

I noticed that the ePortfolio(s) created by students are not brought over to another student account after 2 student accounts are merged.


In my opinion, this merging should include all kinds of existing entries from student to student, including the concluded course site(s) as well as the ePortfolio(s).


Let me explain why I think this is necessary.


In our school, degree students are issued with new student no. after they completed their Diploma studies. This means that the students are not be able to access their previous "concluded" course site(s) as well as ePortfolio(s) that they have created previously during their diploma studies.


Is there any workaround to achieve the above-mentioned case which allow Degree students are able to view all their previous work(s) even the course(s) are concluded and their ePortfolio(s)?