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List user participants for an Appointment Group not showing all users

Question asked by Gregory Woolverton on Oct 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2019 by Stuart Ryan

When using the API to GET a list of participants in an appointment group, I only get 10 results when over 200 are expected. 

I first get a list of all appointment groups. There's only one group that contains 16 appointments. 



The response is correct: It returns the ID of the appointment group and each individual appointment. 


Using the ID of the group, I request a list of the registered users using the API call for "List user participants."


The result lists only 10 students and it doesn't tell me which appointment time they're registered for. 


Can anyone help me figure out how to:

1 - Get all users registered for an appointment?

2 - See which appointment they're registered for?


Maybe I'm going about this from the wrong perspective. If I should be doing this a different way, please let me know.


More Info

I have a single appointment group with 16 appointment times. Each appointment time allows 21 students to register. They're registering for a time to take a proctored exam, so I'd like to have a list to check them into the exam room. I would also like to see which students have not yet registered so I can remind them to sign up for an appointment. I am doing my testing in Postman. I get the same results in Firefox. 


Thank you.