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Controlling Access to Submitted Tests

Question asked by J. Brian Watkins on Oct 26, 2019

I would like to test students from a secure testing center over multiple dates. 


The problem is that I need them to submit their interim work before sending them back; however, I cannot allow the student to have access to their test file save in the controlled environment.  (They will be using Excel and uploading their work).  Canvas provides absolutely no way to block access to a submission--all I can do is see that access has been made.


The only thing I can figure out is to require the students to upload a supplied picture file (any controlled file really) after they have uploaded their work--this blocks them from accessing their work outside the testing center because they can only see the second submission.


Following the double-submission, I then create a single-student assignment that has a link to their prior work that they can access after a proctor enters a password for a quiz that exists merely to block sequential progress through a module.  Then they upload their work and the process repeats and I can be sure that there was no release of controlled information.


Of course, there is always a student who doesn't read directions, gets past the proctors and uploads an assignment to the wrong place--I cannot find any means of then eliminating that submission so that I can protect the integrity of the test.  For example, student could surreptitiously upload notes anywhere on Canvas--a Testing Center proctor would not notice anything wrong because an upload is actually required.  The student could then download the test outside of the Testing Center and then the integrity of the exam is lost.


How can we control an accidental submission?