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UDOIT error after installed

Question asked by Tai Quach on Oct 28, 2019


I have setup UDOIT and added  app to the course on our Canvas test site.It seem to be working but  when it reset the installation monthly which wiped out UDOIT. I did not know about it when told by one of our Canvas Admin. I reinstalled the UDOIT app feature and got this error when click on the app. Does anyone have any clues or why. Nothing has been changed on the server. Should I ask the Canvas admin to re-generate the '$outh2_id client id key and $outh2_key secret key'? Also, when I paste in the '$outh2_uri' redirect. The browser response back with.

 Authentication problem, please ensure that your instance of UDOIT is configured correctly.


while(1);{"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"unknown client"}