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"Missing/Late" Labels in Gradebook Woes

Question asked by Julie Daniel Davis on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2019 by Julie Daniel Davis

Each of the following questions could lead to teacher efficiencies, as well as less likelihood of improper labeling in regards to grade posting:


  1. It would be great if when a grade is entered in a gradebook that the "missing" label of pink (default color) would automatically be removed once something is inputted into the cell instead of the instructor needing to do 4 more clicks to remove the label. Is this possible through some setting? (We do see the benefit of using the labels for our students)
  2. It would be awesome if a teacher could manually type in a code (M=Missing or E=Excused) and choose the label for Late if an assignment is turned in and a grade needs to be recorded. This would remove the 4 extra steps when manually entering these designations in the gradebook. Is this a possibility?