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Are you syncing grades from Canvas to PowerSchool PowerTeacherPro(PTP)

Question asked by Joe Roney on Oct 31, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2019 by Joe Roney

We sync our grades from Canvas to PTP. At this moment teachers are having to go into Q1 and UNsync all Q1 assignments so that Q2 assignments will sync properly. If they do not toggle the Q1 assignments to Unsync, they are receiving an error message that says some assignments are in a locked grading period. The previous grading period IS locked. It's over and done with. It seems unreasonable that teachers would have to go back to a previous quarter and turn off the sync option for every assignment so that the new quarter grades will sync. 


I am wondering if anyone else is having this same issue, but mostly looking for someone who does not have to do this and find out what is wrong with ours.