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Lauching LTI 1.3 external tool with self hosted Canvas

Question asked by Carlos Vinícius Costa on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by Stuart Ryan

Hello, i am hosting a canvas instance locally for testing purposes, and i am trying to get it to work with my LTI framework LTIJS, but so far i was not able to perform a basic launch request successfully. I was wondering if the LTI 1.3 functionalities where only available for instructure hosted instances of canvas.


My main issue right now is that a launch request is returning the following message: 


{"status":"bad_request","message":"Invalid lti_message_hint","error_report_id":171220946}


Even though i am making sure to return the correct message_hint to the platform. I am using the following configurations inside my framework:



await lti.registerPlatform({


url: '',


name: 'Local Canvas',


clientId: '1',


authenticationEndpoint: '',


accesstokenEndpoint: '',


authConfig: { method: 'JWK_SET', key: '' }




I tried using my local domain url (localhost:3000) but apparently whenever Canvas makes a launch request it passes the standard "" address as issuer, and attempting to return the launch request back to localhost:3000/api/lti/authorize_redirect caused it to thrown a internal server error. So i ended up using the canvas.instructure domain in all of my configurations (i also tried canvas.beta.instructure), but every launch request returned me the same lti_message_hint error.


I know that the issue is not in my framework because it is following the lti 1.3 protocol perfectly and apparently its working well with instructure hosted instances since a issue was posted in my project regarding the grading functionalities.


I would appreciate any help i can get. Thanks in advance.