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Formatting Fill-in-the-blank questions in Quizzes.Next

Question asked by Kiff Wiemers on Oct 31, 2019

I am trying to create a fill in the blank question in the new quiz system.  I am stuck with a formatting issue.  Normally in a text document, hitting the "Enter" button gives you a new line.  I understand that enter is now designated to select your word that creates the fill in the blank once you highlight that word.  I am trying to create a fill in the blank quiz where is have a line of items in a vertical row with a corresponding answer needed next to each word.

Wood -------> "Solid"

Water--------> "Liquid"

Helium-------> "Gas"

I cannot find any way to format this way.  I have migrated some of my older quizzes over and some of them keep the formatting from the original quiz system, but I can't create this on my own in a new quiz in this new system.fill-in-the-blanks