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Test LTI framework with Instructure hosted Canvas

Question asked by Carlos Vinícius Costa on Nov 1, 2019

Hello, over the past year i've been working on a Node.JS framework to allow for the quick and easy construction of LTI providers and tools, LTIJS. The project is going great and can turn any web app (written in any language) into a fully functional LTI tool capable of even sending and receiving grades from any lti 1.3 compliant LMS, very easily and with only a few lines of code.


Recently i received a issue on github that reported a bug where the Grades Services were not working properly with Canvas, i read the Canvas documentation for lti advantage services (and oauth2) and didn't find anything wrong with my implementation.

I cloned the canvas opensource repository and started to test, but them realized that maybe the lti 1.3 functionalities dont work correctly unless you're working with a instructure hosted version.


So here's where i'm at, want to know how i can get my hands on a instructure hosted canvas instance, i tried applying for a live demo, but got no response, and there's no clear indication on the website as to how i can get a full version (and how much it would cost). 


I would greatly appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance