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Moderated Grading: only 10 graders available

Question asked by John Morris on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by John Morris

I have an assignment for which I want to employ moderated grading so that I can receive input from many graders prior to assigning a final grade. Here is the catch: I have 30 graders. Not every grader is grading every student, but overall I'll get input from 30 graders. When I attempt to enter a number larger than "10" in the "number of graders" field under moderated grading, I receive a warning that there are only 10 available graders. Now, I am certain that I have more than 10 graders in the class.


Interestingly, if I go ahead and enter "30", Canvas accepts this number without problem. However, I'm concerned that when it comes time for the 11th person to enter a grade, that person will be frozen out of moderated grading (because I know that once the # of graders is reached none of the other graders has access to grading).


Do you know if this warning can actually be ignored or is there actually an upper limit on the number of graders in a moderated grading assignment?