Alana Malone

Single submission portal for multiple drafts...

Discussion created by Alana Malone on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2019 by Nick Wilson

I want:

  • students to be able to submit multiple drafts to one submission portal
  • to be able to give feedback using the same marking criteria MORE THAN ONCE and not have it override the previous feedback


Currently, if a student submits a second draft and I use the rubric, it overrides the previous one and there is no record of it. Randomly, I had one submission portal that had fluked and allowed me to do this earlier this year and the student could see the progression of their criteria as they continued to draft... Is there a feature I can turn on to allow this?


I discovered moderating today, but that appears to require a second marker to provide the additional feedback rather than two lots from one marker. 


What are my options?