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What special "attributes" attached to roles?

Question asked by Michael Nardell on Nov 6, 2019
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I fear this is a pretty basic question, but one that I have not found the answer to. Certain roles in Canvas have certain permissions or attributes "built-in" (i.e. not defined by explicit permission settings). Would be very interested to know where I find more information about these "built-in" permissions. The particular problem I am working on now is why certain tools are not visible to the Observer role in course sites (and how can I easily change that). I am working on a particular third-party tool integration,the Observer role needs to to have access to this tool, but does not. I noticed in the XML Cartridge for the tool that there is an element that may be relevant: <lticm:property name="visibility">members</lticm:property>


I am wondering if the decisive attribute the Observer Role lacks is having the 'members' property. Thanks for any advice here... I may try out different values for this visibility element, just to see what works. Happy to get any advice and info on this question.