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Can students do IMMEDIATE corrections on quizzes?

Question asked by Zachary Vaporis on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2020 by Bobby Pedersen

I give most of my quiz/ tests on canvas. When students finish their test/quiz I like it to show the incorrect answers, but not the correct answer. I would like to know if students can be given an option, immediately, that would allow them to get partial credit back. To often do my students look at their work and go "O crap, that was a dumb mistake" and realize they should have done better.


I know I can go back and give points on specific questions, even fudge points at the bottom of a quiz, but I would like the option of students being able to do their own corrections on their test to get x points back or y partial credit.


Do you guys know of a way I can do this or a more effective way than having students correct their problems on paper, then my manually updating scores?