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Help, Confirmation of e-mail address not being received.  Can we auto-register people?  

Question asked by Stuart Brandom on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by Stuart Brandom

Hello there,


I've had some complaints from students that they're not receiving announcement notification e-mails, and on further investigation, it would appear that their e-mail address has not been confirmed and they never fully registered.


The problem we've found is that the students aren't receiving a registration link due to the way their usernames are added into Canvas (through our University registry system), so the problem is a bigger issue than I had realised and we've got potentially hundreds of students not receiving notifications.


I know the manual solution would be to ask the students to confirm their e-mail address in their account settings.  But I find this is too clunky and people might not do it or need further help.


Is there a way that we can automatically setup students so that they don't have to register their e-mail address manually?


Or is there other solutions possible to get around this problem?