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How Can I Target Elements in iOS and Android Apps for Custom JS?

Question asked by Alan Jeppson on Nov 5, 2019
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We run custom CSS and JS in our middle school for a customized grading scheme. For the most part this works very well on the web view. More parents are requesting use of the mobile apps, so I am looking at implementing the same code on the mobile apps. My web view code is written using JQuery, which I know isn't supported and I will need to rewrite in vanilla JS. 


As an example, we convert percentages into words (e.g. 75% shows "Meeting" on student summaries and in the teacher's gradebook.)


My problem is that I (being very amateur) do not know how to target the elements on the page in the app. In the app, I can see where it says "SUBMITTED 75%", but have no idea where to start targeting it with:



Am I missing something basic? Is there any way to emulate the app in the browser to use my browser development tools? Any help or guidance is very appreciated.


Thank you!