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Why do I keep getting un-enrolled from a course that I am in?

Question asked by Sawyer Poirier on Nov 8, 2019
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I am a student.

I was absent for the first month of school for health reasons, and I was temporarily un-enrolled from our school's system as a whole, but I am re-enrolled and back with the classes I was going to start the year out with originally. My account is the same as it was before. As the title says, I keep getting un-enrolled from one specific class I am in on a daily basis, and have had to rejoin it every day if I want access as a student. It shows up as a past class in my courses, but I can't submit work for that course, just view the files that are unlocked. The teacher of the class has emailed our IT guy and VP (who knows my situation) about this, but I figured I'd ask because it seems nobody has asked this specific question before and gotten a thorough answer. My guess is that it is something to be done on an administrative level, but if there's anything maybe I'm doing wrong, I'd appreciate any feedback.