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Online exam opens but questions are not visble

Question asked by Dana Erskine on Nov 10, 2019
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My students are taking an exam online through a proctored system (Proctorio) and my students are telling me that they can get into the exam but once there no questions pop up. (So they pass into the Proctorio system just fine.) This exam has been copied over to me from a Lead professor.  He says he has no problem seeing the questions. His students have no problem seeinng the questions (he is in a face-to-face class). I have no problems seeing the questions when I go in but no student can see the questions in my online class.  We have had the Canvas guys at our college trying to for 3 days now to get the questions to pop up but no luck. They are suggesting that I contact you.  I am not a computer person... what ever answer you give me will simply have to be copied over to my Canvas office.