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Question bank - varying point values

Question asked by Anne Beekman on Nov 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by Rick Murch-Shafer

How can I vary the points per question when using a Question Bank?


Here is what I am doing:

Questions have various points assigned depending upon the rigor of the question:
    Essay questions get 4 points; multiple choice are worth 1 point.
I assign each question points in the bank.


When I select a Question Bank I must assign POINTS PER QUESTION. (See image attached)

This overrides the value of individual questions in the bank! 
Now all questions are weighted the same.


Work around 1:

Enter the questions directly into the quiz (not drawing from a bank). Point values can be set for each question.

Problem: Questions cannot be shuffled.

To shuffle questions for every user the questions must come from a Question Bank. 

(My students are taking this test in a computer lab with tight seating which means they could look at a classmate's computer who would be on the same question if Qs are not shuffled).


Work around 2:

Create multiple question banks for the same quiz.

Bank 1 is for essay questions (4 pts per Q) / Bank 2 is for multiple choice (1 pt per Q)

Problem: This is a LOT of work if I have a variety of questions weighted with differing points.
(essay, fill in blank, matching, multiple choice)


Anyone have a solution?!