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How to Recover my Students' Free Account when Passward is Forgotten?

Question asked by Nick Nicosia on Nov 12, 2019
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My students are perpetually "forgetting" their passwords - yet swear up and down that they are entering the correct password. They use the Free Canvas Accounts version and did not add an email to their accounts (it was not required at initial set up) and they can not add, as far as I can tell, an email to their accounts now (if they currently have access that is).


Thus they have no email attached to their account and no way to use the "Forgot Password" function as it requires an email that is connected to the account.


As the teacher, I can not add or modify their accounts (to include an email) and I can not manually change their passwords. I would like to avoid creating new accounts and re-entering all their information in the grade book if possible.


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