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A question about user accounts on

Question asked by Matt Tomlinson on Nov 14, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by Matt Tomlinson

A couple of questions about (TII) and Canvas:


1) Do the accounts created within TII through Canvas count towards an overall limit of accounts we have on TII?  Example:  Every time a teacher assigns an assignment that has to be turned in through TII, does that create a new account for that student, or does each student only have one account?  I hope that makes sense.

2) Is there a way to delete TII user accounts that have been created through Canvas?  Or is deleting the assignment the only way to get rid of that specific account?


The reason I'm asking is because we are continually reaching our limit of accounts through TII and we should have more than enough accounts for each student at our school.  We are keeping in mind, that we need to get rid of graduating seniors to continue to create space for incoming students.


Thanks so much!