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Started replying to discussion before it locked, posted after it locked.

Question asked by Ryan Ostrowski on Nov 13, 2019
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In my collage course we do journal entries, the format is by using discussions, the main post is the question and the replies are the answers to the question. The discussion gets locked on the due date so no more replies can be made. on one day I was working on an assignment, the due date was Nov 6th at 2pm (when class was)  and I was working on it, I was proofreading it and making final touches and submitted it a few minutes after 2pm and thought nothing of it. fast forward to the 13th and I got a zero for not commenting. going back to check, my long detailed response is gone and I don't know how to even recover what I wrote... is there even a way to get back what was typed? I used a collage computer lab computer to type it.