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Self-hosted Canvas wrong endpoint and failed Turnitin LTI callback

Question asked by Askhat Admin on Nov 14, 2019

We installed Canvas from Bitnami. And we use Turnitin to check plagiarism (External Tool).

And there are some problems with this external tool.

I previously asked on a similar question Turnitin framework for self hosted Canvas.

The fact is that the submissions in Turnitin LTI occurs through Turnitin Feedback Studio, then these submissions should be displayed in SpeedGrader and when grading in Turnitin Feedback Studio, these estimates automatically appear in SpeedGrader and, accordingly, in Gradebook (everything works correctly on the cloud Instructure Canvas, I will attach comparative screenshots below).

But this does not happen in our local self-hosted Canvas, students submissions are not displayed in the SpeedGrader, and grades set in Turnitin Feedback Studio are not recorded in the SpeedGrader.

I contacted Turnitin technical support and here is what they answered me:

It looks like that you are sending us an endpoint however, when we send the callback to it, we have received 400 error, this would suggest the wrong endpoint is being sent or we cannot reach it. Perhaps Canvas can check if you are receiving anything to or Please contact Canvas to check this and let me know. Also, I would like to mention to you that I will be off tomorrow.


Comparative screenshots:


1. Cloud Instructure Canvas.

Assignment inbox with Turnitin:


Turnitin Feedback Studio with grade (26 out of 60):


Canvas SpeedGrader with submission (submission and a link to a similarity report) and grade automatically obtained from Turnitin Feedback Studio:


2. Self-hosted Canvas:

Assignment inbox with Turnitin (as you can see all students have submissions and graded):


Canvas SpeedGrader (as you can see, no student has submission and grading):


Please help solve this problem.


And I found turnitin_api folder in ./opt/bitnami/apps/canvaslms/htdocs/gems/ with the following contents (yellow - folders, blue - files):

- bin

- - console

- - setup

- lib

- - turnitin_api

- - - outcomes_response_transformer.rb

- - - version.rb

- - turnitin_api.rb

- spec

- - fixtures

- - - outcome_detailed_response.json

- - outcomes_response_transformer_spec.rb

- - spec_helper.rb

- - turnitin_spec.rb


- Gemfile

- Rakefile

- turnitin_api.gemspec


- .rspec


What are these files for? I tried to do as it is written in, but could not figure it out.