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Grade category is over 100%

Question asked by Michelle Lawton on Nov 16, 2019
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One of my classes has 26% of its final grade in "quick write" assignments. There are 13 assignments, lowest score should be dropped. So, 12 assignments worth 3% each. The Assignments section is set at 26%. I have 13 quizzes entered, and there is a rule set to drop the lowest quiz grade. But somehow, if I enter full points for each assignment for a test student, I'm coming up with 129% in the gradebook. It should only be 100%.


All the categories - tests, participation, assignments, etc. - only add up to 100%. So the online auto-generated syllabus thingie still reads 100%. No extra credit category. 

Most of the assignments are only worth 3 points, but 3 of the "quick write" assignments are 20 points each. I'm getting the feeling that this is throwing off the calculations, but I don't know why/how it is, or how to fix it.