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How can I store student actions who are occurring in a HTML content openned in a new tab

Question asked by Renan Pinho Assi on Nov 15, 2019
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I'm new in canvas LMS and I would like to know if I could use Canvas API to store data from students actions. I tried to use "Store Custom Data" without success. But first, I will explain how I'm working, maybe someone could give me a hand .


In my project, I have a module with a "moodleface-like" page (A page with links to the lessons). All lessons are HTML packages and was imported to this course by canvas import tool (using unzip option).


My course modules:



Each marker is a link in this format: 

<a target="_blank" href="<organization>/courses/17/files/2478/download">

      <inner html>



The link refers to a index.html file.


Finally, thats the index of my content:


Everything is working cool, saddly I cant say the same to API commands. I started trying the "Get user profile" and thats throw me an CORS exception. Looking at this forum I found someone suggesting to use "cors-anywhere", so I did it and thats fixed my CORS problem. Now I'm facing a weird problem. Using two differents accounts I figured out the requisition answer was the same for both accounts (same profile was being returned). I didn't found any similar question here.

Further details of my requisitions:


- I have made a token wich one I use in 'Authorization' parameter

- The request url looks similar to that: "<organization>/api/v1/users/self/profile"

- I saw in somewhere that self parameter could be used to give the current user ":user_id"


What I'm doing wrong? How can I fix it? Could I use API to store students actions?



- I'm using Javascript only

- I can't upload my files outside canvas lms

- I read a bit about LTI, can I use that to store custom data? If yes, where can I read more about that?

- Alternatively to API, I could use suspend data of scorm but I dont want to show my content wrapped in scorm player. There is a way to turn off scorm player?

- How can I get user id (or just using self parameter works fine)?


Please help!


PS: I could not send that question to dev forum...